Volkswagen wants your dog to DIE.

Friday, February 10, 2012 at 12:38
Dogs are, in large part, unpredictable. They are not machines and they often behave in non-deterministic ways.  Even well-behaved dogs sometimes chew things you wish they wouldn't, they bark at inopportune times, they lick themselves inappropriately or when you have guests over, they hump the furniture (or the guests). Such is life with dogs.  As a result, dog people tend to be easy-going, flexible folks who have learned to accept a certain amount of chaos in life and to remain adaptable and open to unpredictability. However, one thing that is quite predictable when it comes to dogs is this:

Dogs who chase cars DIE.

Aside from randomly attacking small children or jumping up on the bed when you’re having sex, car-chasing is the one dog behaviour that should never-ever be tolerated. (Perhaps. It depends on the child. Or the sex, maybe you’re into that kind of thing. I’m not judging. Live and let live, etc.).

Now we have Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) creating a car that, according to the marketing wags responsible for producing the following video, is specifically engineered to entice dogs to train up on their car-chasing skills in order to chase the car down the street. And therefore DIE, possibly in a fire. Why, exactly, these sadistic, dog-hating VAGwags and VAGineers want your dog to DIE isn’t clear. One can only assume they have deep-seated canine resentment issues that they have been unable to work out via other forms of therapy. Regardless, the message of the ad is clear. VW wants your dog to DIE.

Just to be sure, I watched the ad twice. No other conclusion is possible. 

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