Rallycrossing the iX

Monday, October 25, 2010 at 19:35
Now that summer autocross season is over and the Miata is in storage for the winter, I thought I'd have a go at rallycross racing. It's similar to autocross in that it's timed racing on a closed course, but it's done off-road and the scoring is a bit different. Rather than counting your fastest run in a day, rallycross totals your times and so it rewards consistency.

My winter autocross/rallycross car is an 1988 BMW 325iX. This is a fairly rare all-wheel-drive E30 chassis BMW; about 1500 came to North America and most of those went to the USA. Due to the AWD, the front suspension is unique but the rest of the car is the same as the popular E30 series. The AWD system add only about 140 lbs over the RWD chassis, so overall performance is nearly the same.

My co-driver for the day was rally driver and jazz musician Johnny Summers. We had a lot of fun together and Johnny gave me some great coaching that will help me improve my loose-surface driving skills. I've got a bit more work to do sorting the car, particularly the suspension. I also got some tips on setup that will be helpful for me. I think this will make a pretty decent rallycross car.

Here's some great pictures taken by Grant C of the car in action:








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