The Kids are Alright

Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 17:17

As a concerned parent, I try to keep up with music and media that my kids are into. For a while there, I was pretty concerned. The modern music scene is dominated by plastic, manufactured pop stars who can't sing (also, "get off my lawn"). I'm convinced that the state of pop music would be greatly improved if more musicians would just say yes to drugs and no to AutoTOOOOOOOON.

More importantly, I've been worried about what kind of future and careers await a generation of kids raised on a manufactured, synthetic, Disneyfied, Bieberiffic, auto-tuned, non-reality. Basically, their opportunities are going to be limited to anything that fits the general job description of "professional liar":

  • Politician
  • Stock Broker
  • Social Media Expert 

I was getting kind of depressed about it all until I discovered these crazy young lads from Austrialia, a band called Airbourne. There they were playing real rock 'n' roll on classic guitars through huge amps with REAL TUBES in them and doing it way too loud. I realized then that maybe things are OK after all. There's still kids out there that will get up on stage with loud guitars and scream their guts out about hot girls, fast cars and cold beer. You know, normal rebellious youth stuff.

Yes, the music and its themes are immature, but it's honestly immature and isn't pretending to be anything it's not. And yes, they sound a LOT like AC/DC. That's not a bad thing in my book. It's good old bluesy rock 'n' roll. An Airbourne tune is a rowdy, racous reprieve from the syrupy-fake crapfest that Disney, et al is feeding the world. So yeah, I think the kids are gonna do just fine.

(video mildly nsfw - naughty words in intro)

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