It's nice in Nice

Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 03:39
Had a bit of a crazy travel day from Paris to Nice. Through a long chain of events and a few issues with our e-tickets, we ended up missing our train. I rebooked us for another train 4 hrs later and had to pay extra even though we downgraded from 1st Class. The kids did some more shopping while we waited.

Instead of 4.5 hour direct in 1st we ended up on a 5.75 HR milk run in second. it was comfortable enough, but little room for luggage so we had to get a bit creative. Another 35 min wait for a cab and we had to literally fight off queue jumpers for our taxi and then bribe the cabbie to let us take our luggage in his fancy Mercedes cab. 

We finally made it to our apartment and were greeted by our host Jean who was super friendly and helped us get settled in and oriented in the neighborhood. 

We woke up to beautiful sunshine and a view if the sea from our terrace. We are one block off the beach on a nice little street with plenty of shops, including an excellent bakery right below us. Fresh fruit and pastries for breakfast today - yum! 

Other than a day trip to Monaco, we don't have much planned for this week other than relaxing and visiting the beaches. 

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