I love Mondays!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 12:15
When I first saw it last week, the video below from Philip McKernan really resonated with me. More than once in my life I've found myself dragging my ass into a job I wasn't enjoying and basically just working for the weekend. So I can say with authority that it's a killer. It wasn't that I had bad jobs or worked at bad companies; in fact, quite the opposite - I think I've worked for some great companies, with smart and engaged people that helped me to become better at what I do. But once the magic is gone and boredom at work sets in, wow is that a life-sucking experience. I really don't know how people can spend years in mind-numbing jobs and still be happy and satisfied with the non-work portion of their lives. Just doesn't work like that for me.

Lately, as I've been working some new business initiatives, I've found myself doing tasks that really aren't what I want to be doing or how I want to be spending my time, but because I can see the end goal I have in mind, doing them is not a problem. I've found that really interesting because in a different context of a Jay-Oh-Bee, I'd really resent having to spend my time on them, not digging in with enthusiasm.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little pep-talk. If you're stuck in a rut you need to get out of, DO SOMETHING. Letting it ride hoping it gets better is a waste of time and opportunity. Like Philip says, "In the absence of clarity, take action!"


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