Car! RedBull Racing nails it again.

Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 19:36
I'm really pleased that F1 is coming back to Canada this year. I think having a stop in N.America again is good for the sport and I think that hosting an F1 race is good for Canada. For the first time, I'm seriously considering a long weekend in Montreal to take in the race.

Now those genius marketing kids at RedBull are at it again. They recently created and released this video highlighting the return of F1 to Montreal. It's really a nice piece of work that captures the flavour of winters in Canada, showcases Montreal, captures the excitement of racing and promotes their product. Good move.

The only possible complaint is that it features Buemi and his car and not the infamous Kate's Dirty Sister.

Anyway, make sure you view one of the higher resolution versions of this great little video ad.

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