ASA Winter Autocross 24-01-10 in-car video

Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 11:09

Finally! My first time autocrossing with the BMW 325iX. More snow would have been nice, but I'm starting to get the feel of driving an AWD car in anger. Good learning experience.

This is an in-car video I made with my iPhone from our first ASA Winter Autocross. Despite the recent snow, a good amount of it had blown off the runways. This video is from the afternoon fun runs session; by this time the previous session had cleaned off the racing line so there was good traction available if you stayed in the groove.

The actual video came out better than I expected for an iPhone and considering that my high-tech camera mounting system consisted of attaching it to my rear-view mirror with a bungie cord. That type of improvisation may be spelled "ghetto" but it's pronounced "grassroots". ;)

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  1. Jon Says:

    Right on! Good video Jim :) | Powered by Blogger | Entries (RSS) | Comments (RSS) | Designed by MB Web Design | XML Coded By